This is a blog dedicated to the nerdy misadventures of Katelyn and Zach as we navigate our favorite fandoms and worlds.  Expect to find a healthy dose of audio, video, and written articles about video games, movies, anime, obscure history facts and maybe even Dickens!

So stay awhile and listen!  We hope you enjoy the site and have a good time. We always endeavor to be entertaining.

About The Authors


Katelyn majored in English in college with a specialization in Creative Writing and Victorian Literature. She’s been a “gamer” and self-identified nerd since she was young, and enjoys blending her passions for literature and gaming as often as she can. She is most interested in women’s roles in media–both in the creative process and as characters. That said, she will almost undoubtedly find a way to bring the novel Frankenstein into (almost) anything.

She writes under the name thoughtsofafallenwoman and maintains her own blog on miscellaneous non-nerdy things as well. Feel free to check it out!


Zach is a Classical Studies and Archaeology undergrad with an unhealthy passion for Roman history and cultural analysis. He has a passion for stories and the way people interact with them and is always on the lookout for games, shows, and movies that highlight underrepresented voices.  He’s an avid Dungeon and Dragons player and a die-hard defender of Dynasty Warriors.