An Intro to the Blog

Greetings Future Audience!

So this is a joint blog between myself (Katelyn) and my boyfriend Zach. We are a couple of exceedingly nerdy and poor college grads who decided that we were both too damn funny to NOT have an audience.

We have plans to do a number of joint bits, like reviews and such, but we will also be uploading separate content because, though we share many interests, we also have a large variety of interests that just do not overlap. So look to Zach to be publishing thought pieces on works such as A Game of Thrones and DiscWorld. Look to me, on the other hand, oh you ladies and gents, to get your fix of the Victorian, the monstrous, the just-fucking-weird, and the romantic. I’ll be writing some pieces on Hannibal, Penny Dreadful, Star Trek: TNG, and will counter my boyfriend’s penchant to liken everything to Rome with one of my own: Frankenstein.

Content should be uploaded weekly. And once we get a handle on videos, videos will be coming to you too!

Live Long and Prosper,



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